For investigators

Why is a national service for study feasibility needed?

Clinical studies contribute to improving the quality of healthcare and to providing patients with early access to innovative treatments. Rapid, coordinated and reliable responses to feasibilities requests increases the likelihood of clinical studies being carried out in Sweden. Therefore, Clinical Studies Sweden has developed one point of contact for feasibility requests that offers life science companies and academic researchers fast and coordinated responses.

What does the service entail for healthcare?

To facilitate the assessment of the study for investigators and clinics, Clinical Studies Sweden collects and compiles an overview of the study information. We have also divided the feasibility requests into, Country Feasibility (early feasibility); and requests for participation in studies, Site Feasibility. These two processes facilitate the assessment and saves time as detailed questions are asked at a later stage, when it has been decided that the study will be conducted in Sweden. As an investigator, you do not have to decide on possible participation before a decision has been made that the study will be conducted in Sweden.

Support and guidance

Clinical Studies Sweden offers investigators and researchers support and guidance when planning or conducting clinical studies. For example, if you are planning to take part in a clinical trial, you can get help with budget calculations and contracting process. Read more about Clinical Studies Sweden's services and support.

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